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Summer 2019: A Snapshot of Georgia’s Best River Tubing Outlet

River Tubing 2019 SeasonAs the season comes to a close and we bid farewell to another summer to remember, our team at $10 River Tubing wants to share a quick snapshot of several eventful experiences; before closing up shop on September 29th. Take a ride with us one more time as we look back on some memorable encounters with you, our fellow river tubers.

Hey, don’t I know you?!
It’s no secret that Georgia has become a hot spot for various film crews shooting epic scenes – and hey, even celebrities need some down time too! Our crew at $10 River Tubing noticed an exciting increase in both film and music industry stars in our waters this past summer, no doubt due in part to the record-high temperatures felt across the state.

The celebrities who joined us on the Chattahoochee this summer were Gerald Butler and 21 Savage, to name a few. We were even able to snap a few shots of these cool tubers to solidify the exciting occasion!

$10 River Tubing Celebrtities

Warm Waters & Even Warmer Weather

Anyone will tell you that this past Georgia Scorcher has been especially hot! July saw average temperatures in the early 90’s, which steadily climbed higher throughout the month of August. Instead of winding down, we are still experiencing this 90° weather that’s going strong in September, making our waters more than ideal for a late-summer tubing trip. Local rivers have remained much warmer than usual from the consistently sunny skies, and forecasts project just a hint of 70° weather scheduled to roll in toward the end of the month; which works great for $10 River Tubing’s seasonal schedule.


A Lazy River Feel

Where heat goes, evaporation closely follows. These record-high summer temperatures have made the tubing waters at our Macon location shallower than usual, but you won’t hear any customer complaints! These slow flow rates and low waters are perfect for families with small children, or anyone who’s interested in a relaxing tube ride down the Chattahoochee.

If you want to experience a more high-paced river trip, visit our Duluth location at 4349 Abbotts Bridge Road. The Chattahoochee on this side of town hasn’t been affected by the heat wave, so you can enjoy average water levels alongside your above-average tubing companions!

Relaxing on the River

Record Breaking Left and Right!

Under the summer heat, our local fisherman broke a number of records in the craft. Trout, catfish, and rainbow trout were all reeled in at record lengths as we snapped some candid shots to tell the tale!

This eventful season marks yet another successful run of river tubing trips for both our business and our customers alike, and it’s not over yet! $10 River Tubing is open every day through September 29th, as long as the sun’s out and the skies are clear. Now is the perfect time to gather your family or friends and enjoy one last relaxing trip down memory lane with your favorite local river tubing outlet. Call today for more information! 1-844-FUN-TUBERelaxing down the river