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3 Unexpected Things That Can Happen While Tubing Down A River

It’s the beginning of summer. Your kids have recently entered their seasonal vacation period, the Georgia heat is in full swing, and your whole family has a terrible case of cabin fever. You search the internet for a cheap way to cool off that will keep the kids occupied for a few hours, and find some local river tubing outlets. You plan for a day of fun in the sun and pack everything you think you’ll need for this easy trip. But are you prepared for the unexpected?

Lost or ruined items

Even if the current seems slow, many people will end their tubing trip with missing items that have been washed away by the stream. Loose items like flip flops or sunglasses are the most high risk accessories for this occurrence. Make sure that anything you think you’ll miss is either securely attached to your party, highly monitored, or left in your car so you can enjoy a worry-free, lazy ride down the river. On the upside, you might find a past tuber’s lost treasure during your leisurely trip. Be on the lookout for the chance to trade in your cheap sunglasses for a pair of mint condition Ray-Bans, or find a brand new pair of Crocs.

With social media on the rise, chances are you’re planning to Instagram and/or Facebook your cute trip out on the water. Take those pictures and videos at your own risk, though. Just because your phone says it’s waterproof, doesn’t mean it can withstand its own personal water ride. It might be a good idea to keep your phone in a water-proof case or bag. There’s nothing wrong with unplugging for a while and storing memories the old fashioned way.

Spot some cool wildlife

Some common animals that can be spotted while river tubing include ducks, turtles, otters, and beavers. This is a great opportunity for the kids to experience nature up close and learn more about the local wildlife. While it’s important to not disturb the natural habitat, there’s no harm in observing from a safe distance. The whole family will remember this brush with nature, and you’ll probably want to come back again to see what other animals you can spot!

You might see some interesting passengers in other parties

If you’re going out for a weekend river tubing trip, get ready to make some new friends. Many people will choose a refreshing activity like tubing as a way to escape the summer heat. While you’re floating down the river, chances are you’ll see other groups of fellow tubers pass by. There are many river tubing services that allow customers to bring their pets along for a relaxing ride. Seeing a dog can brighten anyone’s day, but seeing a dog chilling out on a tube will make your whole week better. You can always find something to smile about when you’re out in the water!
Dog River Rafting

Kick off the summer season with a refreshing trip down a river. Tubing is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure that you’re prepared for some unexpected sites, and don’t forget to pack sunscreen! $10 River Tubing has affordable options for a wonderful day out on the water. Plan a river tubing trip today! 1-844-FUN-TUBE